To live and to visit

The Historic Carnival
Historic carnival of Ivrea characterized by ceremonies of ancient and historical traditions
Saint Savino Festival
An ancient and characteristic fair linked to the world of horses, and the patronal celebration of the city of Ivrea
Laboratory - Museo Tecnoligicamente
Check the opening dates here
Museo Civico Pier Alessandro Garda
Check the opening dates here
Via Francigena
The ancient road that in the Middle Ages connected Canterbury to Rome and the ports of Puglia
Five Lakes Itinerary
Routes in a stunning territory rich in bodies of water, woods, and historical landmarks
Ducal Castle of Agliè
A romantic triumph of elegance
Masino Castle
The charm of the glorious past of the Valperga Counts passed down intact
Lake Viverone and surroundings
The largest among the intermorain basins of the Balteo glacier
Candia Lake Natural Park
Lake Candia hosts numerous water birds and a rich hydrophilic flora
High Canavese Way
The circular route in 12 stages begins and ends in Pont Canavese (Turin)
The Path of White Stones
It unfolds along a main route composed of closely interconnected loops
High Morainic Amphitheater Way
It is a magnificent circular route that clockwise travels through the morainic amphitheater from Andrate to Brosso
Roman Amphitheater
The structures of the amphitheater and the suburban villa constitute the main archaeological area of Ivrea
Olivetti Historical Archive
Guided tours to the permanent exhibition of the Olivetti Historical Archive Association
San Bernardino Church
Located in the Eporedian area, amidst the industrial buildings of Olivetti, it is an attraction of significant artistic interest
San Martino Bell Tower
The picturesque bell tower rises alone in the middle of the Serra d'Ivrea, where the village of Paerno once stood
Ivrea Cathedral
Dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, it stands in the old part of the city, a stone's throw away from the Castle with red towers and the Episcopal palace
Roman Ivrea
An excursion through the historic center to discover, learn, and see the historical past of the city
MAAM Ivrea
Virtual Museum of Modern Architecture in Ivrea
Chestnut Eco Museum
An ancient water-powered mill, still in operation, used for grinding chestnuts
Tourism Office, Ivrea
Museums and exhibitions, Royal Residences, castles, fortresses, and abbeys, events and festivals, winter and summer sports, and much more

Fun and adventure

Parco Avventura La Turna
Parco avventura Antharesworld
Piscine Oasi di Viverone
day@round bici da corsa


Villa Nesi (1,5 km)
Terme di Saint Vincent (50 km)
Terme di Pré Saint Didier (98 km)
To Eat and Taste

Ristorante La Mugnaia (30 mt)
Osteria San Maurizio (350 mt)
Vecchio Cipresso (5 km - Lago Sirio)
Ristorante Ocio (650 mt)
Ristorante Cantine Morbelli (900 mt)
Ristorante Alla Modina (3 km)
Vinosteria Solativo (280 mt)
Pizzeria Margellina (1,4 km)
Ristorante La Rava e La Fava (1,3 km)
Santuzzi (300 mt)
Ristorante pizzeria La Lucciola (850 mt)
Ristorante pizzeria Al Faro (190 mt)
Ristorante pizzeria Aquila Nera (500 mt)
Ristorante Moma Bar (500 mt)
Enoteca Vino e Dintorni (100 mt)
Gusteria (90 mt)


Alibi Beer Shop (80 mt)
Enoteca Vineta (230 mt)
La Duja D'Or (450 mt)

Takeaway Food

Star Street Food
Totò Pizza
Pizza Sì

Breakfast Icecream Cakes

Pasticceria Balla (600 mt)
Caffè Roma (200 mt)
Rodda's Cafè (30 mt)
Rosso Dolce e Caffè (150 mt)
Caffè del Teatro (270 mt)
Caffè Cavour (300 mt)


L'Ortolino (30 mt)
Gabry, alimentari di qualità (50 mt)
Panetteria Bonelli (30 mt)
Despar Express (150 mt)
Carrefour Market (800 mt)
Carrefour Burolo consegna spesa

Canavese Wineries

Cantina della Serra

Taxi - Rental car

Avis Autonoleggio